Your workforce's health is our priority

We are pleased to be able to welcome you to our company.

We are a very experienced and highly qualified team, in the field of Occupational Health.


We aim to bring you:- 

  • A cost effective service
  • A prompt service, with most reports available the same day as the consultation
  • A professional service, led and run by competent health professionals


We use the latest technologies and software available, ensuring only the best for our clients.

Our name ?

You may be wondering what our name means......                 

Asclepius (pronounced 'As-clee-pee-us') was a Greek hero who later becomes the Greek god of medicine and healing. He had a daughter called Hygieia, from which the modern word hygiene comes from. The main attribute of Asclepius is a physician's staff with an Asclepian snake wrapped around it; this is how he was distinguished in the art of healing, and his attribute still survives to this day as the symbol of the modern medical profession and our logo is a depiction of this. 

How to contact us

Asclepius Occupational Health

Mandora House

Louise Margaret Road


GU11 2PW

(Use GU11 2DD for Sat Nav)


Phone:-  0203 940 8700

     We are open Mon - Fri  

0830 - 1630hrs


We can offer weekend and evening appointments if required. 

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